Stiftungsgastprofessur Komposition 2020/21

Nach Brian Ferneyhough in 2019 ist Lucia Ronchetti als zweite Stiftungsgastprofessorin dem Ruf der HfMDK nach Frankfurt gefolgt und arbeitete im verganegenen Studienjahr hier mit Studierenden und Lehrenden aller Fachbereiche. Über ihre an der Hochschule gesammelten Erfahrungen berichetet sie:

„My experience as Guest Professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt was very intense and exciting. Started in January 2020, due to breaks and distance due to the pandemic, the residency lasted until May 2021 and gave me the opportunity to enter into a deep relationship with the students and professors of the Hochschule.

The work on my „instrumental theatre“ production was very deeply indagated and I was able to work with several young performers on various difficult, virtuosic and extremely demanding works.

The work of the young students was always coordinated, followed and supported by the teachers, who had an incredible ability to transfer their skills to the students, leaving them free to create their own interpretation. The passionate work of pianist Elvira Streva and cellist Leonie Meyer for „Ravel Unravel“, of soprano Sun Ruoqi for „Lascia ch’io pianga“ and the rehearsals for the preparation of the chamber opera „Pinocchios Abenteuer“ (which should have been performed at the Hochschule and the Oper Frankfurt but was postponed due to the pandemic), have left a deep mark on my compositional experience and will have positive repercussions on my future work.

For the different projects, I had the opportunity to get in touch with the different enlightened professors such as Lucas Fels, Günther Albers, Rainer Römer. Karin Dietrich, acted not only as dramaturg and coordinator of the rehearsal process, she also created the German version of the libretto of „Pinocchios Abenteuer“ and revised the dramaturgy of the opera with me, offering to the students involved a very clear and renovate project.

I can speak of a global form of „Labor“ devoted to my activity as composer but also important for giving to the students a first deep impression of the real world of contemporary music creation.

The work done on „Pinocchios Abenteuer“, borrowed from the group of students selected for the performance, was fundamental in arriving at a new version that will be presented in February 2022 at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin. The opera should be programmed in the future by the Oper Frankfurt with a new group of students from the Hochschule, thus establishing a relationship of continuity with the institution’s resources.

I think I had a very positive contact with the very new generation of students – the Young Academy – , through seminars organised by Isabel von Bernstorff and Susanne Stoodt. It was exciting to talk to the young musicians and work with them rehearsing short fragments from my scores and meeting their expectations and potential.

For me was a very important global experience where the dialogue, the technical confrontations and the exchange of musical ideas and suggestions were always realized in an open and natural habitat, created by the good relations and the passionate work of Karin Dietrich.“

Ermöglicht wird die Stiftungsgastprofessur durch die HfMDK-Stiftung.